How many TIMES have YOU found yourself saying “I know I should stretch”, but yet you still don’t find (or make) time to do so?

Regular stretching increases the ability of your joints and musculature to move through their optimal, full ranges of motion. Stretching also increases blood flow to the muscles & surrounding soft tissue, which reduces inflammation & improves overall healing/recovery. As a result, adopting a regular stretching routine can help eliminate pain, improve mobility, restore impaired function and optimize athletic performance. 

Our goal in this e-book is to educate you on the vast benefits of stretching, the various types of stretching & provide you with a 31-Day Guide to Doubling Your Flexibility.  We hope you enjoy it!

This Daily Stretch E-book has been an absolute game changer for me in that it helped me gradually establish a well-balanced, carefully crafted stretching program that I can do from the comfort of my own home or hotel room (I travel a lot for work!). Thank you Simply Stretch LA!
— Anthony B.
The Daily Stretch

31 Days to Double Your Flexibility

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