Flexibility In Flight


We’ve already provided you with a Limber Layover Guide (check it out HERE!) with great stretches to do during your layover, but now we are presenting you with a stretching sequence to keep you mobile - even at 40,000 ft!

We designed this guide so that you can effectively stretch from the comfort of your seat - even if you're squashed in the middle seat. We promise you’ll want to keep this one handy right along with your boarding pass in preparation for your next flight!


1.    Bounded Seated Cobra into Chest Opener 

      Interlock hands behind your back, keeping head/chest up & arms straight. Gently lean forward, keeping head & chest up for a deep chest & thoracic spine opener, holding for 5 seconds. Lean forward further, bringing your chest toward your lap & your arms overhead as far as comfortably possible. Hold for 5 seconds & repeat the sequence 5-10 times for a yummy dynamic flow!


2.    Seated Lateral Crescent Moon

       Cross your left leg over your right. Reach your arms overhead, gently grasping your right wrist with your left hand. Gently lean your torso to right while keeping your spine elongated & gently pull your right arm to the left, creating a delicious stretch that spans all the way down your right torso. Hold for 5 seconds & repeat 5-10 times before switching sides. 


3.    Seated Prayer Spinal Twist 

       Cross your right leg over your left and gently turn your torso to the right. Placing your arms in prayer position, bring your left elbow to your right knee & gently push your elbow into your knee to create an amazing spinal twist stretch. Be sure to keep your head & chest up on this stretch & try to get your prayer hands in line with your sternum if possible! Hold for 30 seconds, allowing yourself to go deeper into the stretch with each breath. Slowly release the stretch & repeat on the other side!


4.    Seated Eagle Arms

       Start sitting up straight with your left leg crossed over the right & your left foot tucked behind your right calf, squeezing your thighs together. Place your arms in front of your face, bending at a 90 degree elbow at the elbows. Place your left elbow under your right elbow & interlock your arms so that you can press your palms together (or get them as close to this as possible!). If this is too much for you, give yourself a hug, hands to opposite shoulder, keeping your arms as parallel to the ground as possible. You should feel a strong, yet comfortable, stretch across your back & into the back of your shoulders. Hold for 30 seconds and slowly release before switching sides.  


5.    Seated Calf Stretch 

       If you have a scarf, jacket, blanket, towel or even some extra sweatpants packed into your carry-on, you can use it to create this great calf stretch! Holding your longitudinally rolled scarf (or other garment) in both hands, place the middle of it around the ball of your right foot. Sitting up nice & tall while keeping your right knee straight, gently pull with both hands in efforts to bring your toes toward your face. You will feel a strong stretch throughout your calf & maybe even your hamstring! Hold for 30 seconds & switch sides. 


Give these a try the next time you travel & share other stretches you enjoy below! We love hearing from you!


Stay limber, my friends. Until next time!


Flexibly yours,

Lindsay Sudell, MOT, OTR/L, CFST-2, CPT, CFL1